Five Sinful Nights Boxed Set

Enjoy five full-length steamy books from bestselling author Michelle Hughes in this great collection from Tears of Crimson Publishing.

Virgin/Alpha Male Romance? This set is sure to delight readers who like their female leads innocent and the men strong and dominant. There’s nothing taboo in Five Nights these men know what they want and have no problem showing their woman how much they’ll enjoy giving in.

5 Full length novels including Sin, Romance Book Club, Undercover Submissive, Angela’s Salvation, and Scarlett’s Temptation! Find your next book boyfriend, he’s only a page away. Included also is a sneak peek into the newest release from Tears of Crimson, Whore! A new virgin/alpha male romance that asks the question: Can a virgin be a whore?

Sin: Sin was rough, raw, gritty and 100% all man. To him I was nothing more than a paycheck. To me he was my temptation. We were like fire and ice, oil and water, but there was one place we connected perfectly.

Sin: I didn’t go looking for temptation, but when I met Sin, it found me. A strip club was the last place you’d expect to find someone like me. I was the good girl, the one who always did the right thing. Desperation could make a person step outside their comfort zone.

Meeting Sin was an experience. A former male review dancer, who didn’t sugar coat his words, and that body of his? Let’s just say that no man should fill out a pair of jeans that well.
My world before him had been safe and uncomplicated. The truth was I’d never lived before. One night in his private dance studio opened my eyes and made me want more than just a lesson in working the pole.

Sin was rough, raw, gritty and 100% all man. To him I was nothing more than a paycheck. To me he was my temptation. We were like fire and ice, oil and water, but there was one place we connected perfectly.Step into the world of erotic dancing, and enjoy the pleasures of Sin.

Romance Book Club: Jessie has given up on men. Her high school turned college sweetheart left her for another man, and if that wasn’t a warning sign that she was meant to be the cat lady, nothing was. Give her a romance novel, a bottle of wine, and her favorite feline companion, and life was perfect in her eyes.

When her book club decided to focus on sexy alpha male romances for the month, she had no idea how far the ladies were willing to go in the name of research. Finding herself in Sensation’s Dungeon was certainly not part of her plans, neither was meeting sexy club owner and dungeon Master, Chase Davenport. With a body built for sin, bedroom eyes that promised fantasies guaranteed to lead her straight to hell, the pages of a book suddenly appeared tame.

“Welcome to my Dungeon.” Those four little words might even tempt a bookworm to step into a world of sensual debauchery. So what really goes on behind the scenes at the Romance Book Club? Step into Sensation’s and discover the answer for yourself.

Angela’s Salvation: Angela’s audition for the nationally televised showcase, Overnight Sensation, is her chance to finally rise above her abusive childhood and gain the elusive dream of musical stardom. With all she’s suffered, the opportunity of a lifetime is within her grasp.

Nolan Fitzgerald is the owner of the most recognized recording company in the United States and the producer for Overnight Sensation. He’s immediately drawn to Angela and her talent, and knows with his help she’ll be an overnight sensation. But he has a secret of his own that may just push Angela past her fragile limits of trust.

Can two shattered hearts find love in the explosive music industry, and will it be enough to overcome the past insecurities of pain and deception?

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